Load Banks Validate The Backbone Of Electricity

load bank

Uninterruptible power supply, battery systems, and generating sets are examples of vital power equipment that load bank testing copies and tests. For various applications and settings, we produce top-notch load banks.Ensure that backup power is available when it counts most.To disperse the electrical energy produced by loads applied to electrical power sources like diesel generators, load banks release heat.To test various electrical loads and simulate a range of electrical properties, our load banks may be specially configured.For every load test application, we can satisfy the complicated needs with tiny, portable systems up to multi-megawatt units in containerized form.Even in Australia’s most severe situations, our load banks are built to resist regular usage and abuse. When testing Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) in a workshop or on-site, our portable load bank series offers a broad range of load ratings and functions to accommodate the majority of generator sets.Our selection of premium manually adjustable load banks is wide enough to accommodate any business application, and they are made to endure regular, everyday usage in hard-working conditions.


Safely check power sources’ functionality. resistive load bankis used to test AC loads at unity power factor to confirm output or apply the necessary load to diesel generators. For usage indoors or outdoors we providebest-in-class solutions in a variety of moveable, permanent, and portable designs. Their top-of-the SIGMA controls enable running and networking numerous loads easily while securely recording and reporting test results.

Maintain Optimal Generator Performance

The constant supply and upkeep of energy is essential to sustaining a profit flow in any commercial, industrial, or marine sector. We offer a comprehensive variety of testing services to maintain your electrical systems and equipment operating at peak efficiency. We have the only generator load bank testing system. Our load bank is the largest available, and we can test any generator or power generation system up to 1,300KW (1.3MW), while larger gensets may also be accommodated. Our load bank unit is operated remotely, and power recording is part of the procedure to ensure precise testing, reporting, and graphing. All varieties of power generation systems are also serviced and repaired by us.  Selecting us for power system testing guaranteesunmatched industry knowledge, cutting-edge tools, and customized solutions to satisfy a range of requirements. Our reputation has been developed over many years, and we have a staff of committed specialists who support us in providing a wide choice of advanced loadbanks. Choosing to work with us ensures accurate, secure, and economical evaluations, which will increase your trust in the dependability and effectiveness of your electricity provider.For an estimate on our generatorload bank testing services, contact us now at or stop by our store.