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How To Take Care Of Domestic Windows


Domestic window cleaning Perth can benefit the whole house. But what can you do to keep your windows in good shape?

  1. Clean your windows twice a year.

Cleaning the panes and frames is one of the greatest and easiest ways to maintain your home windows. Clean windows help prevent unwanted particles and problems from entering. Mould can grow on them, posing a health risk. Of course, dirty windows detract from curb appeal. Cleaning within window panes is simple. Spray the panes extensively with store-bought cleaning.

Don’t spray the windows. While a hose can make things easier, it won’t clean your windows very well. Hose water usually contains minerals. That can shorten the life of your windowpanes. It can also leave mineral residue on the pane, requiring a second wash.

  1. Look for caulking cracks.

Caulk around your window frames keeps off breezes and moisture. Consider re-caulking if you discover cracks or leaks in the caulk. Re-caulking can save energy costs and improve house temperature control.

Remove any old caulk with a putty knife first. Then, use the appropriate caulk and drop the bead. After that, lightly smooth the caulk with a damp finger.

  1. lubricate silicone-based locks, tracks, and hinges

Windows and their components tend to stick as they age. This might cause damage to your windows and jammed fingers as you try to remove them! But lubricating your window locks, tracks, and hinges can help prevent problems and extend their life.

When lubricating, use a silicone-based lubricant. Conversely, silicone-based lubricants repel dust and filth, ensuring domestic window cleaning. Purchase the right lubrication and wipe your locks, tracks, and hinges. Be careful not to spray directly on the window, leaving stubborn stains.

Replace damaged or ripped glass and screens.

Unwanted elements can enter through even minor window or screen cracks. Small screen tears are easily repaired using screen patches from your local hardware shop. A hairdryer, scissors, and two minutes are usually plenty. Pests and allergies will be kept to a minimum this way.

While specific epoxies can temporarily repair cracked glass, this is rarely effective. If you find a cracked pane, have it replaced immediately.

Water control

Your windows may fog up if your home is too humid. A windowsill or frame can become soaked, causing water damage and mould/mildew growth. Several methods exist for reducing window fog in your home.


Slightly open the fogged window.

Operate a fan in the smoggy room

Remove any window plants.

Affecting the insulation of your home is an indication of poor insulation. Then you may need to replace your windows.

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